Assembling and dismantling


You can start to build up your booth on Monday 25th November 2019 at 1pm until 6pm.

You can use the service entrance on the left hand side of the Kurhaus. The side entrance leads to the ground floor of the building. The convention takes place on the first floor of the Kurhaus.

The exhibition hall is divided into a stage and a floor with a height difference of 1 meter (please see floor plan). Three 9m² booths will be on the stage, all other booths on the floor. You can use the goods lift and a passenger lift (see floor plan). Please consider that the passenger lift with less volume stops on level “floor” and the goods lift stops on level “stage”. Depending on the number of your booth you might have to get up some stairs (vertical high 1m). The Kurhaus has a pallet truck which you can borrow.


The dismantling begins on Wednesday, 27th November 2019 at 4pm. Please offer your time to visitors till 4pm and do not start to dismantle earlier.

Floor plan Kurhaus Titisee

Top floor

Ground floor