On Wednesday the 28th of November, different workshops will be held in parallel in two conference rooms on the ground floor at the Kurhaus Titisee.
We offer 10 different workshops in total which all of them will take place in the Kurhaus. The IAPA holds a third conference room in reserve for another 5 workshops when needed.
Also there will be another practical workshop right next to it in the Action Forest Adventure Park with live demonstrations (approx. 7 min walk from the Kurhaus to the Action Forest).

The number of participants per workshop is 15 persons. The sign up day matters in case that more than 15 people want to join a workshop. In case that a workshop is overbooked, the IAPA rules that only one person of a company is allowed to participate at one workshop. Also the IAPA reserves the right to limit the amount of workshops to two workshops per person.

A reservation for workshops is only possible if you already purchased an ASC ticket. For a reservation please write an email to the IAPA office including the number of your workshop.

The following workshops are on offer (Wednesday, 28 November), as of 16 November 2018:

9:00 am –
4:00 pm
ASC trade fair
Poster presentation of applicants and winners of the IAPA Innovation Award 2018
Conference room 2
Kurhaus Titisee
Conference room 3
Kurhaus Titisee
Action Forest Adventure Park
10:00 am –
10:45 am
Workshop 1 – fully booked

Expert techniques for attaching technical installations on living trees (green timber)
(Dipl. Ing. Martin Zeller, Tree Engineer, Baumzentrum Kaiserstuhl)
Workshop language: German

Workshop 2

Professional coupon marketing for adventure parks; create a coupon shop, payment methods, 100% in own design, reaching customers with coupon campaigns
(Georg S. Dirk, gurado GmbH)
Workshop language: German

Practical workshop 11 (10:00 am – 11:30 am)

Rescues according to IAPA standard using ASG, Milan and JAG (Thomas Edlefsen, IAPA)
Workshop language: German

10:30 am –
11:15 am
Coffee break
11:00 am –
11:45 am
Workshop 3 (11:00 am – 12:45 pm)

Typical injuries and first aid in adventure parks/ropes courses
(Angela Mathäußer, Outdoorschule Süd e.V.)
Workshop language: German

Workshop 4

Customer Journey: How are leisure activities booked today?
(Regiondo GmbH)
Workshop language: German


12:00 am –
12:45 pm
Workshop 6 – fully booked

Safety briefing via video – is it impersonal or professional? Experiences from 8 years of practice (Dieter Obrist, Adventure Park Rheinfall AG)
Workshop language: German

Practical workshop 12 (12:00 am – 1:00 pm)

Adventure-oriented tree climbing, setting up a tree with Monkey Hardware, self-belaying methods
(Monkey Hardware GmbH)
Workshop language: German

12:00 am –
2 pm
Lunch menu in the restaurant is valid
2 pm –
2:45 pm
Workshop 7

Open up new audience, expand product range and increase sales – with Tabtracks and Quinbook. Plus live demo.
Workshop language: German

Workshop 8

Correct splicing of twisted fibre ropes (Tecklenborg, Kegel GmbH)
Workshop language: German


2:30 pm –
3:15 pm
Coffee break
3:00 pm –
3:45 pm
Workshop 9 – fully booked

Risk assessment
(Jochen Brischke, IAPA board)
Workshop language: German

Workshop 10

Current legal aspect on the GDPR, written warnings and voucher distribution
(Law firm Kläner)
Workshop language: German

3:30 pm –
5:00 pm
Discussion round with the IAPA management board and heads of departments

The conference rooms for workshops are located on the ground floor in Kurhaus Titisee.